Our Services


Financial Advisory

Financial planning is essential to ensure that you maintain and grow your financial wealth over time. Your Adviser will work with you to help optimise your Income and Savings so that you reach your financial goals even as your priorities change. Smart financial planning will not only provide Financial Security for you and your loved ones throughout your life and through Retirement, but also ensure that you leave an enduring Legacy for your children, your grandchildren and generations to come.

Property Management

Property which is known as a long-established investment platform, in the hands of KKR professional team, we could lead the property investment as an engaging and one of our top in mind products

Project Financing

In selecting project financing for our clients, PT KKR’s priority is always ensure that the risks is manageable and within range of the debitors capabilities to pay back the funding invested by our clients during specific time frame. Currently, PT KKR providing working capital financing for two of well-known companies in their respective industries for their transportation project. The project is to deliver the coal from the mining site to PLN in the agreed location.

Corporate Legal and Tax Arrangement

Our professionals believe that a good wealth portfolio should be based on legality and good tax management